July 30, 2009

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Clark loves to take things apart, and sometimes he actually puts them back together, or (like this picture) makes a whole new thing.  Well, lately everything he has "made" has resembled some sort of weapon.  He took a pipe from the vacuum cleaner (which by the way he has taken apart so many times it doesn't work properly anymore) and found a stake from our tent (and who knows where he found it, cause I have been looking for it for weeks)...and made this lovely and very dangerous stabbing tool.  Luckily Harry was in bed, so the only person that got hurt was Daddy when he tried to take it away...and our poor coffee table that now has about 25 new little dents.  He was devastated when we took it away, but it didn't take him long to find another toy to take apart and mistreat.

1 comment:

Emma and Cody said...

What a little smarty! Teach him to use for good and not evil. Maybe he will get rich inventing new weapons for the military made out of ordinary household cleaning supplys.