July 21, 2009

I'm 29!

Happy Birthday to me!
I can't believe I am 29, and another year closer to 30.  I really feel like this year I grew up a lot.  In the last year I have gone from being a mother of one to a mother of two...and really that second kid makes the world of difference.  I learned a lot about myself this year, like I care more about what others think of me than I thought I did, that my favorite movie is Sound of Music (I think I always knew that, but I could never leave any of my other favs out, this year I learned how), and that I LOVE and hate being a stay at home mom at the same time.  I became closer to my family this year, and closer to the church (LDS church).  I made my first quilt, went from a blond to a dark red head, and re-discovered my love of fresh veggies.  I could go on and on, so much growing up...I really can't wait to see what this next year has in store for me.
I had a really nice birthday weekend.  Jay found a babysitter and took me to Harry Potter HBP, with the movie tickets Emma and Laura bought me (as a surprise).  Jay even got us matching Harry Potter shirts, ALL HIS IDEA! (I didn't even suggest it or make him wear his.)  He also got me a sewing machine, so I can try to make another quilt.
Clark was so excited to help me blow out the candles.  One of his favorite words to say is FIRE!  He was blowing so gently cause he did not really want to blow out the flames.
Me and the boys...trying to get a picture together is so exhausting.  They never look they same way or smile at the same time.  We must have tried all night, and this was the best one we got.  Clark was sneaking icing...ha ha ha.
I really had a wonderful day spending time with my family.  I am so thankful for everything I have, and for my AWESOME family near and far. 


Dan and Sharon said...
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Dan and Sharon said...

Way to go you are almost in your thirties. I hope you enjoy this last year. Happy Birthday and we miss you, we went to CPK this weekend and It reminded me of you, cuz I think that was the last time I went there was with you. Hope you enjoy every min of motherhood.

Dan and Sharon said...
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Harding Family said...

Happy b-day! you are beautiful, look more and more like your momma! 30 is a blast...I love it. Love the black eyes!

sewhooked said...

Ah, what a wonderful birthday and such a sweet family.

I <3 the t-shirts, too!

Nat said...

YEAH!!! A Wise Rather LARGE black fellow once rapped these very WISE words..."Hey shorty its yer Birfday, gonna party like its yer Birfday." I am a little late but Happy Birthday. enjoy 29 as much as 28!

michaela said...

What is it with 29 and being done with blonde? I have the exact same hair color. EXACT. Creepy and fummy at the same time?
luv ya and hHappy Birthday!

Kirsten said...

Sheesh. I know that being on the road to disneyland for Bracket's birthday isn't a great excuse, but sorry i missed your birthday. And I miss you. So happy birthday!!!