July 16, 2009

My Little Comedian

I think my little boy is growing up.  
Last night we spent the better part of an hour watching America's Funniest Videos, which is far from the type of shows Clark normally likes to watch...in fact lately if it is not Pixar he refuses to watch anything.  Anyway, we tuned in right during one of their famous people getting kicked in the crotch montages.  Clark was fascinated, laughing hysterically and asking me to rewind it (thank God for dvr right).  After a few funny baby and scaring old people videos, which Clark gave a polite although not entirely convincing chuckle, he was starting to loss interest.  Then came the best of the night!  The people falling down videos, three full minutes of people falling down, stairs, ladders, anything at all, people flying through the air and crashing to the floor.  Clark was in heaven, rolling on the floor with laughter, bouncing up and down with delight.  I haven't seen his laugh this hard since the last great tickle fight of 2008, or when he caught dog trying to eat the bubbles Daddy was blowing.  He was mesmerized, we watched it like ten times, and he never got bored and laughed just as hard every time.  He then spent the rest of the night pretending to fall down.  He would fake fall off the couch, and then look up at me to see if I was watching and laughing.  He may not say much, but he is always thinking and planning things, mischievous things.  I know to keep an eye out when I see that sly smile slowly spread across his face.  Never a dull moment with my little comedian.


Miken Harding said...

That's hilarious! When Phil and I need a good laugh we go to Youtube and type in werid stuff like that. My favorite is the Pepsi commerical from the Super Bowl. Check it out!

Airan said...

How cute! I always love to watch Kelson find new things to enjoy and to hear their giggles just makes me grin! Your boys are both absolutely ADORABLE!