November 05, 2008

The Warden's Report

November 5, 2008

Woke to Clark screaming bloody murder, he just dropped his pacifier and couldn't reach it....this is going to be a long day.

Fed the baby.

Clark, deciding I was not pouring his milk fast enough decided to lend me a hand, resulting in 1/2 a gallon of milk all over the kitchen floor and under the fridge.

Changed both babies.

While I was trying to move the fridge to clean up the milk...Clark, deciding that he actually did NOT want blue-berry waffles tried to shove them in the dvd player.

Since he could not put the waffle in the dvd player, he decided the baby's face was the next best place...poor Harry.

Clark climbed on to the book shelf and broke my favorite picture frame.

Found Clark tattooing himself with a green PERMANENT marker, the tattoos cover half his body.

Fed the baby.

Still cleaning up the milk....

Heard the toilet flush...oh crap!

Found Clark in the bathroom, with the toilet brush scrubbing the wall.  There was water all over the floor, he was dunking the toilet brush in the  toilet water and swinging it around his head.  HOW DID HE OPEN THE BATHROOM DOOR?

Giving Clark a bath, trying not to cry.

While I was putting the bath rugs in the washer, Clark got out of the tub peed on the floor and then took all the towels in the bathroom into the bath tub with him...ahhhhhh!

Changed the worst poopy of the month so far.

Still cleaning up after the wrath of Clark...I am hungry and Harry wants to eat AGAIN.

Loa (the best neighbor a mother could ask for) graciously took Clark for the rest of the afternoon. I love Loa...

When do I start to feel like a Mom rather than jail keeper or monkey wrangler?


Caleb said...

baby gates! Lots of them. Become a warden for real.

Emma and Cody said...

I first love that Clark was sharing his waffle with Harry! He was just trying help feed him! And I would like a picture of tattoo Clark. If you have one! Wish I was there to help... or add to the ciaos!

smiles said...

YAY for Lao!

And definitely LOTS and LOTS of baby gates...until he learns to open those.

Granny and Gramps said...

I seem to remember a certain little girl that tried to feed our VCR something that didn't agree with it. Wonder who that was....Go look in the mirror.

The Bosko Family said...

We have baby gates, three of them. He is a smarty pants...
We are thinking of investing in a puppy kennel.

I was trying to get a picture of his tats...but he does not hold still for anything.

Rebeccah Mildenstein said...

OOOHHH!!! I am so sorry and yet this was so much fun to listen too. I have to put my days down like this. Seriously with 4 boys um I have to say you will always be a ref, jail keeper and monkey wrangler from now on. The settling in with 2 boys is a toughy. I remember Kaelten spilling milk. Getting in cleaner and spraying it everywhere. But NOTHING COMPARED TO LIAM!! I am here to listen maybe give some ideas. You have gate already I see. Boy that is rough if he is getting past that. We had our entire house on lock down with Liam remember lol! Love you keep me posted

The Quaid's said...

I am laughing so hard... because I can relate! That was a great blog- I'm going to have to steal that time capture idea next time I am having an eventful day such as yours. Let's see... what advice can I offer...Hang in there, make haole brownies for your neighbor and laugh often. It gets easier, I promise! I said easier, not easy- this job is tough but I wouldn't want anybody else to do it for me.

Sabrina and BJ said...

I am OFFICIALLY NEVER having kids.. Thanks for all of your advice and input.. I had one of the longest days of my life and ever longer week.. And somehow your managed at 12:08 am friday morning to make me laugh and smile.. So thanks!! Love Ya

Jenni said...

I remember those days with my first two being so close together in age!!
It gets better, hang in there! Soon they will be old enough to dress themselves and do their own hair---equally as stressful when waiting to see what they have come up with. Then a whole new set of worries creeps in: PUBERTY. (yikes)
Enjoy them while they are babies!

Anonymous said...

i love itbrings back happy memories remember who went out hte front door at two and ended up a police station and tod them she is not my mom but went with the home teacher

Rachael said...

Sorry, I had to laugh! Yeah baby gates don't work at Tuna's age. All you can do is just yell A LOT. Just wait until they are both mobile. With two boys I doubt you will ever feel like anything other then a monkey wrangler.

Rachael said...

Also I would like to say that it does get better. Well maybe not better, but easier when you can threaten time outs and spankings :)

Aunt Pam and Uncle Len said...

You need to become a writer in your spare time. HA HA HA HA....what spare time. Really, your stories are wonderful. I can sit back and actually visualize what you have just described. Love you.