November 21, 2008

Garbage Man

One of the new things Clark likes to do is throw things in the garbage.  We have lost a few sippy cups, lots of silverware, legos, and God knows what else.  I am sure that is what happened to most of his and Harry's pacifiers that are missing, and his Madagascar dvd.
So, today when I went to load some new pictures on my laptop...guess what was missing, my USB drive thingy that I need for my memory card.  The last place I saw it was next to Clark's pacifier on the coffee table.  After a frantic search of the house I see Clark innocently sucking on his pacifier with that look in his eye saying 'you know I threw it away, but you have no proof...'  Jay already took it out the trash, and it is cheap enough I can just get another...but still a huge pain in my butt ahhhhhh!

It is times like this, when I want to duck tape him to the wall, that I try to remind myself of all the cute things he does.  Like lately we have finally got to him to fold his arms all through prayer time, and afterward instead of saying amen he just claps and cheers.  Also, when he wants you to play with him, he will pat the ground next to him going " hmm hmm".  Or my favorite, when he is asking for something he does his little mumbo jumbo Clark jibberish and his voice always goes up really high at the end, and the more you make him repeat it or ignore his request the higher and higher his voice goes...too cute.

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Caleb said...

Baby Gates :D Notice a pattern here.