November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Granny

Happy Birthday Granny! (Well, yesterday...sorry I am a day late).
I was thinking of my favorite Granny things that I wanted to share, but there are just too many, so I narrowed to down to my top 10;
1. Granny's Green Pancakes.  I remember when we were kids being so excited to have green pancakes (they are just normal pancakes with green food coloring).  I loved putting sprinkles and red hot candies on them, and thinking of weird shape for you to make them into.  Granny can make the best Uncle Glen pancake!
2. I love that you sing me Happy Birthday every year.
3. I love going on car rides with you, because I know we will sing the whole way.  It's just as fun when I am 28, as it was when I was 4.
4. I love how generous you are.  You are always thinking of other people and what little things would make them happy.  You taught me a lot when it comes to this.
5. I love how you are every ones Granny too.  You always treated our friends just as special as you treat us.  I know I had a couple friends that meant a lot too.
6. I love how happy you sound every time I call makes  me feel like a million bucks!
7. I  love to bake with you.  I cherish my stack of "Granny Recipes" that I keep in my cabinet.  (I think we should make a cookbook.)
8. I love the joy you bring my family.  We are always so happy when you are around.
9. I love that you carrying on the Granny traditions with my boys.  Clark loves his Granny stocking, and he gets so excited when he gets a post card in the mail from you.
10. I love the way your house smells.  We can never really describe it...we just call it Granny's House.  It is comforting and welcoming, and reminds me of all the great times we had there.
11. Just one more... I love that you are always ready for a good time.  It doesn't matter how late it is, or how goofy we all look, or what chores need to be done. You are always a willing participate, just to spend more time with us.
You are the best!  I love and miss you so much. 

p.s. The picture above was taken last year at Pearl Harbor, Granny was trying to take the sailors home.


Emma and Cody said...

We love you too Granny! And I like her Aunt Pam pancake better than her Uncle Glen. Happy Birthday!

Granny and Gramps said...

Just read your birthday card April. You brought tears to my eyes.Those memories are so very special to me also. Thank you and I love you and your family dearly.Granny

Laura said...

haha I've only ever has Aunt Pam pancake never Uncle Glen I wonder what his would taste like.......I LOVE GRANNY she is the best granny out there!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sabrina and BJ said...

Happy Birthday Granny!! We always miss you!! I would have to say that my christmas tree pancake was pretty amazing.. April did good describing how great you are.. I would have to agree how welcomeing me to the family.. You and gramps were always so great to me everything I've been around.. Thanks for all you do for us and being apart of our lives.. I hope your day was great!!

Pam & Len said...

I would have to agree with everyone. My mom, Granny to her grandkids, is the best there is in the world. She is always the best listener when you've had a bad day and can brighten your day when you're feeling down. I love you bunches!

Becca said...

Yes she is the best Granny ever! April, your top 10 is the best. I always look forward to Granny's birthday call every year, and Granny's house smell I have been trying to duplicate!

We love you and miss you Granny! Hope you had a great birthday :)