November 23, 2008

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Hi, my name is April. I am 28 years old.  And I am an Outlander-aholic.  I may need to join a support group...just today I realized I called Clark my bonny wee lass five separate times.

It is 12:30 am and I am hurriedly trying to fall asleep before Harry gets up for his next feeding. But instead of sleeping my mind is racing with thoughts of Jamie, Claire, Fergus, and Murtagh.  (I think I want to replace Gary with a cooler, less annoying cat and name him Murtagh.)

I loved the second installment of the Outlander series.  Drangonfly followed Jamie and Claire to Paris where they tried to shake up the local goverment.  With Claire's knowlege of the future, they try everything to keep one of the deadlist battles in Scottish history from happening.  I couldn't put this book down.  In fact... I spent most of the day/nights clumsily trying to figure out how I can hold Harry and his bottle in his mouth, and turn the pages at the same time.  Diana has a beautiful and natural way of story telling.  She makes you fall in love with the characters, and you even love the ones you hate.  There is never a dull page that you want to skip over, and never once in the over 900 page book did I wonder when it would be over...because you just don't want it to end.  With enough suspense, romance and action to keep me up late everynight I finished the book satisfied...a little heartbroken but satisfied.  I have already started the 3rd book.  It continues right where Dragonfly left off, and is every bit as entertaining and compelling as the previous two books.


Caleb said...

How many books in the series are there?

The Bosko Family said...

There are 6 books in the series.
She also had another series about some dude, Lord John Grey...but I haven't tried them and I am not too interested.