November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

Clark was really excited for trick or treating this year.  We had a church party the week before where he figured out the whole "if I wear a costume and bring a bucket, I get candy" routine.  When we got him dressed last night, and gave him his bucket he could hardly wait to get out the door.   He went as Lenny the guinea pig, from Wonder Pets his favorite cartoon.
Just a couple of kitties out on the town, meow!  Thanks to Grandma and Auntie Laura for getting Harry this tiger costume. 
We went trick or treating at the mall, all the stores pass out candy and there is activities for the kids.  While at the mall we found Clark's, I mean Lenny's partner Turtle Tuck (also from the Wonder Pets tv show).  Clark was beyond thrilled.  
Clark with his Lenny head.  It took a lot of convincing to get him to keep it on, I think it helped when he saw the other children wearing their costumes.
Trick or treating with Daddy.  After every store he wanted to sit down and examine what he got, and of-corse try to eat it.  It took us for ever to get around the mall.  After awhile his bucket got so heavy that Daddy had to carry it.

My favorite things about this years Halloween;
Clark sharing his candy with Harry, he kept trying to shove the lolli-pop in Harry's mouth.
Staying up late watching movies (Journey to the Center of the Earth was laaaaame).
The cool rainy weather, that actually made it feel like fall.
Counting Jokers (from Batman, in case ya didn't know) at the mall with Jason, we literally counted 57!  57 Jokers, trying to be scary with really bad make-up.
Getting a coupon  for a free side at Panda Express.
And spending time with my boys...
Happy Halloween 2008


Laura said...

What a fun Halloween!! Tuna and Harry are so cute I love it!! I miss you!!

Sabrina and BJ said...

I love your costume as well.. Looks like you guys had fun.. Clark is getting so grown up I can barley stand it.. I wish when I went to the mall they stores would hand out candy.. Super CUTE!!

Emma and Cody said...

I do LOVE Clark's Lenny costume! I can't wait to sing Wonder Pets with him! And Jason can sing along if he wants! I am glad that I didn't buy Reese a costume like Harry's! It looks like it fits him ok, but it would drown little Reese!

Rachael said...

He is the cutest damn Lenny ever! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Rebeccah Mildenstein said...

OOOHHH THEY ARE SOOO CUTE! Make me shed tears that you aren't still next door. I love you boys! Love you too Jay and April

Rebeccah Mildenstein said...

MMMMM free sides you just can't not be in heaven there.