October 27, 2008

1 Month Old

Once again, it feels weird that he has only been here a month when it seems like forever.
He is growing so fast.  Already bigger than Clark was at this age.  He rolled over yesterday...ROLLED OVER.  He was laying on the couch on his stomach, and was being his normal fidgety self, when the next thing I know he was on his back.  We can't keep him still, he is always trying to get away in his little baby way.
He has started smiling.  Real baby smiles (not gas) it is adorable.  
I've been holding out that he was going to keep some of his dark hair.  But just like his older brother, he is already going bald.  In a couple weeks he is going to start resembling  Jason Alexander.  
Clark is even getting used to having him around.  This morning I was doing the dishes, and Harry started crying in the front room.  Clark jumped up, got a bottle and tried to jam it in his mouth...sure he was a little rougher than he needed to be, but he was being a great older brother.  He likes to watch the baby, but he is sneaky about it, if he thinks someone is watching him (watch the baby) he will pretend he is doing something else.  He doesn't really mind sharing anything with the baby...except his blanket, that is a big no no.

He is eats a ton, almost every two hours...I don't know how he can fit it all in his little tummy.  

We survived the first month...sure our house is a disaster, I have at least 6 loads of laundry to do, dishes in my sink, and I can't remember when was the last time I washed and did my hair...but we are happy.


Jenni said...

Congratulations on surviving the first month! It is a tough one, that's for sure. Owen ate every two hours for the first 6 months of his life too. I also have no idea where he put it all and how I survived!!

Clark and Harry are both adorable!

smiles said...

Wow 1 month already! Where is the time going! He already is losing the newborn look and gaining the chubby baby look. His sleeping picture is SO ADORABLE!

Clark is being a great big brother! I started laughing just picturing him give Harry a bottle! So sweet! In the pictures with both of them Harry is always looking at Clark - he really likes his big brother.

Who got Harry's first smile? Adam got Carus's first smile, first laugh, and first word (Ada). I love how babies look up to their older siblings - so great.

Caleb said...

I know that last time you did your hair. The pumpkin hunt!

JethRobyn said...

So cute, I'm so excited. It seems from your blog that two kids might be do-able.

The Bosko Family said...

Jason got his first smile...turd freaking gets everything!

Two kids totally do-able...if you don't mind saving everything you want/need to do til 2 in the morning.

Emma and Cody said...

I can't wait to hold fatty Harry! And Reese is soooo excited to meet her cousins!! Reese smiles in her sleep, but nothing awake yet!! And she likes to roll to her side. Our kids are such geniuses!! I think Harry will walk before Clark! Unless his fatty legs can't hold up his fatty body!