October 01, 2008

Edgar Sawtelle

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski
Just a quick note about this... only because I am far too tire to get into it.
I was really excited to read this book.  It was getting a ton of great reviews ( in fact I think Oprah made it a book club selection this month) and from what I knew about it, it sounded really interesting.
The book was great, interesting, thoughtful, and idyllic .  I loved reading about their family life, and about the dogs they raised and trained.  The book was pretty long, and covered a lot.  You really got to know all the characters well.  I loved Edgar, and his dogs.  However, the book just ends.  I felt like there was no resolution.  Horrible, crappy non-ending.   I felt like the book built you up to this great finale, but he (Mr. Wrobleski) just got tired and gave up.  The ending ruined the entire story for me.  So, save yourself a few days and just read the book description on the inside flap....it literally tells you the entire story and you won't miss out on anything cause there is no ending.
Bah! I am still mad about it.

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Emma and Cody said...

I never heard of this book. I just felt bsd thst no one said anything yet! So I thought I would just comment a little so it wouldn't feel left out.