October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Hunting

We went to the Pumpkin Patch in Kapolei this past weekend.  It was a breezing morning, and the sun was hidden by clouds...so it actually felt like fall (I was in heaven).  At first Clark really enjoyed it running up an down the rows of pumpkins, saying hi to the other kids and families and getting dirty.  Alas, as most stories go, happy Clark was not with us for very long.  He was tired and thirsty and after being told "No" one to many times (he was so upset he couldn't or didn't have a wagon like some of the other kids...devastated, it was really sad) he had a break down.  Of-course at the same time as Clark's melt-down the baby decided he was hungry...and I left the bottle in the car (bad Mommy, I know).  We hurriedly choose the rest of our pumpkins, got Clark some food and soda to bribe him to stop crying...and left for Wendy's (yay! Wendy's makes every thing better).  The morning wasn't an entire loss, we spent some time with friends, got some fresh veggies at the farmer's market and got a cute family picture.  Next year should be a lot more fun...I can't wait.  
Trying to choose his pumpkin.  He was not entirely sure what the pumpkins are for, but he knew they were fun to throw, kick and sit on.
One of the few pictures where he was smiling and looking at the camera at the same time.
Our Little Family.  One of our first family pictures, since little Harry came.  I was pleasantly surprised that it only took a couple shots to get one where we were all facing the same way.


smiles said...

Love the family picture! The boys' shirts are ADORABLE!

"terrible 2s" start early and end late - But it is just a phase :)

Emma and Cody said...

I want to go to a pumpkin patch! It is too cold here and she is too tiny! I Really don't understand why you like it cold! A little chilly is fine, but really! And I also can't wait to see Clark's temper tantrums!

Caleb said...

Nice. My mom grew pumpkins so no large patch for us. BTW if I had any say you'd be on top of the blog list anyway. Next to Dan Jackson you comment the most on my blog.

Aunt Jenny said...

I wouldnt have thought they HAD pumkin patches in Hawaii.Cool!Great family pic, the shirts are great.You look great!You'd never know you just squeezed out that little chunk Harry a few weeks ago.And as I always must remind you, Jay was crabby when he was that age, but turned into a very sweet kid.