October 22, 2008

A Visit From Grandma

We were so lucky to get a visit from Grandma last week.  We got to go shopping, go to the beach, visit the Dole Plantation, and go pumpkin hunting.  It was so nice to have someone to go to the mall with and out to lunch, and Clark LOVED all the attention. (So much so he was crying all day today, because he was lonely.)  
I am so glad that someone was here to help with the babies, I was not entirely ready to do it all on my own yet.  And it was so nice to share Harry with some family (it can be so hard to be far away at times like this).  Thanks Mom, for taking time off work to come out.  Thanks for buying me cookies and wipes at Costco.  Thanks for squishing in the back seat (between BOTH car seats) every time we went some place.  Thanks for doing my dishes, waking up with Clark, and being such a great Grandma.  I know Clark enjoyed spending time with you, and he loves his new puzzles.  Next time I promise more swimming at the beach, and more room in the back seat.  

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