July 14, 2011

NYC Girls Weekend

A couple weekends ago, me and a couple of my girl friends took a trip up to NYC!
My friend Sharon found an awesome deal on a room (in a nice nice hotel) and the whole weekend only cost $100.  Super savings! (Well, that is not counting food, and tickets to a show.)  
The bus ride up was uneventful, and I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time, I was so excited.
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
The first day we did a lot of walking around, a lot.  We went down to the pier, Fulton Market, for lunch and the tastiest frozen yogurt I have ever, ever had.  (Seriously, forget any other fancy fro-yo place you have heard of.  Even Pink Berry is total crap compared to the heavenly goodness of Strawberry Fields.)
I didn't take nearly enough pictures, even though I felt like I had my camera out like a geeky tourist the whole time.
L&L Hawaiian BBQ
I was taking a picture of the comic store, when I noticed right underneath was a L&L Barbecue.
A little piece of Hawaii, all the way in the Big Apple.
Lamp Light
A pretty lamp light.
The Girls!
Wendi, Sharon, Trisha, and me and the little babe.
Outside our hotel, ready for a night on the town :)
NY Public Library
 Dear NY Public Library,
Next time, me and you, we are gonna spend a whole day together.
Love, April
Lucky Door
That's one lucky door.
This is how I was feeling all weekend... Lucky.  Very lucky.
I somehow managed to get away from my kids for the weekend, with my besties, and a new friend.  Went to NYC, of all the places.  Somehow convinced my friends to buy tickets to the show I wanted to see.  Didn't even spend much money at all. AND, got to take home some really fun memories.  Lucky.
Al Hirschfield Theater
Al Hirschfeild Theater.
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.
I've seen my fair share of shows, in lots of different cities.  But this was my first Broadway show in New York.  A total dream come true!  A dream that has been 30 years in the making.  
The best birthday present I could ever ask for.
It Only Takes A Moment...
It only takes a moment... me and Daniel sneaking in a little private time.
I felt so giddy with joy, like I was a 13 year old girl again.  
My cheeks were aching by the end of the night with all the smiling I was doing.
My Harry Potter, in real life....  And he was brilliant!  
Singing, dancing, putting on a great show, he was amazing.
I was a little nervous that I wouldn't like it, and my memory would forever be marred by a crappy show, but it was perfect.  John Larroquette was funny, the show was funny, the big numbers were great, and Daniel (we are on a first name basis now) was simply perfect.
It was such a wonderful night, it still seems a little surreal to me.
(Okay, I am done gushing.)
Me and Sharon
Me and Sharon outside the show.
Thanks for cooking up this weekend.  
You are always a lady with grand ideas, and I love you for it.
Statue of Liberty
The next day I was EXHAUSTED.
With all the walking we did the day before, I went to bed trying to calm the contractions I was having.
(A whole hour of contractions.  I never had contractions with the boys until after my water broke, and I was in labor.  A totally new experience for me.)
I was scared for a little while that I was actually going to have the little babe in NYC.
The next day I just tried to take it as easy as I could.  Me and Trisha took the Staten Island ferry, to Staten Island... we didn't want to wait in line for tickets to the Statue of Liberty.
We ate, we walked, we got stalked by a cute pedi-cab driver, and we took the Subway a lot.
It was such a nice weekend, and it went by entirely too fast.
One of the things that surprised me the most was how much I actually missed my family.  I missed the boys, a lot.  Not that I would've wanted them to come with me, it wouldn't have been as fun or easy... but I did miss them.  Jason is already busy planning my next trip (he thinks we are going to be able to go before the baby comes, I think he is crazy).  
He was a little sad he missed out on taking me to things this time around.  
As much as I miss the west coast, and I long to move closer to my family... it will be hard to leave the east coast.  I'm glad we have a couple more years here, and I hope we can cram all the things we want to do into that short amount of time.


NormaKimokeo said...

Hi,April !! (and Jason)

It's ME, Norma Kimokeo! I noticed you commented on Hoku's blog, and then I saw you have your own blog, and Hoku said you are really funny, too, so I thought I'd take a peek... What a GREAT blog you have!!

So fun to read about your NYC trip. Kimo & I went there last September for the first time in our lives -- it was scary, and bustle-y, and incredible!! We saw WICKED on Broadway (our first show - it was FABULOUS!)

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to both of you and wish you a safe delivery of your little girl. Can't wait to see pictures via your blog.

Love & ALOHA to you all! :)

Hoku said...

HAHA! Oh my goodness that sounds AWESOME! And in the week that Harry Potter's final film is about to come out that's double-the-fun to look forward to! (I wondered how his show would be.) Glad you could have a fun little reprieve before your world gets turned upside down again with another little one. j/k