July 13, 2011

Camping Trip To Cherry Stone

June 24-26
The last weekend in June we joined some of our friends for a camping trip.
We went north, only about 50 miles, to a camp spot called Cherry Stone.
I was really nervous since it was Harry's first camping trip, and the last time we tried to take Clark camping it was a bit of a disaster.  The weekend turned out to be great.  Harry didn't run away once, and even slept through the night, both nights (not even I was able to do that).
Clark has a blast with all the kids, and it was just fun being together as a family.
Harry couldn't keep away from this little moldy creek.
He took a swim more than once.  Dirtied all the clothes I brought for him on the first day.
Shortly after taking a dip in the creek.
Congrats Jay!  10years in the CG.
June 24 was Jason's 10 year anniversary in the Coast Guard.
Trisha kindly bought him a cake to celebrate with.
I am so proud of all the hard work and time he has put in to care for our family, and further his career.
10 more years to go, and it is retirement time!  Then Jason can do what he really wants to do.
(And don't ask me what that is, cause it changes a few times a year.)
Taking some much needed quiet time.
I'm so happy Harry slept through the night.
He really does have some sleep issues, and I was worried we were going to have to cut our trip short.
Cutie Clark
Something is stinky Mom...
Happy Harry
Paddle boat time.
Clark was so so very excited to get on the paddle boats.  He insisted on only riding in the orange one (really it was gold).  He nearly had a panic attack waiting for Daddy to get back from the restroom so he could have a turn.
Even Mr. Harry got in on the fun.
(Mommy was feeling too nervous to go, so Auntie Trisha helped out.)
Clark and Daddy, Kayaking
Daddy and Clark going for a ride in a kayak.
Camping is such hard work.
Trying to catch some crabs.
JayClark and Daddy, Crabbing
More crabbing.  
Clark was so excited to catch a "rab", but it wasn't very easy going.  The little fish they were sharing the water with were very aggressive.  We did manage to get a tub full of little fish, and one pretty good size crab (that died the next morning).
Wayne and the kids, more crabbing.
We let Harry watch the dvd player when we were packing up.
After two days with no tv he was in heaven.
Pinata Time
Clark and Port knocking around the Pinata.
Trisha made the funniest eye ball pinatas, so before we all left we the kids had a go at them.
Clark's candy stash... that was all gone before we even got home.
Such a fun trip.
I forgot how much I liked to go camping.  Cooking out dinner in a camp fire,
 relaxing with the family, quiet time by the fire early in the morning.
 Next time I would like to go when it is a little more cooler out, and I am a little less pregnant :)
I'm so proud of how well the boys did, and I really look forward to when they are a little older and they can do more.  I see more and more camping trips in our future.

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