July 22, 2011

Baby Shower!

Last weekend my bestie Trisha (and her sister), threw me a Baby Shower!  
It was so unbelieveably sweet, girlie, pretty, and fun.
Me and Trisha
Me and Trisha
Baby clothes!Diaper Cake
Super cute diaper cake and decorations.
They had made a little clothesline, and pinned baby clothes on it, that I got to take home!
Cupcakes!Hmmm, Cupcakes!
Trisha always makes tasty food, but these cupcakes were one of her best!
Salted carmel, chocolate cupcakes, with little Heath Bar candies on top... to die for.
Opening Presents
After I ate all the guacamole, and we played some fun games, I opened presents.
 Look! A cool video monitor, so I can watch the babe while she sleeps.
Opening PresentsOpening Presents
I got a lot of cute clothes, a quilt from my friends in my Quilting Club, and some very useful items.
It was so fun, and I am so thankful for my friends.
I really never thought I would have another baby shower (after Clark's), so it was a nice surprise.
 I felt so spoiled.  
And I am really overwhelmed with graditude for my friends.


Trisha said...

Um....why do my eyes look weird so and asymmetrical? Also, why we are asking things I would like to know why my second and third chins are always in the way for cute pictures. ;) Glad you had fun! Love you!

Anonymous said...

How very special of the girls. Thanks Trisha for being there for April. She is special also. love Granny

Becca said...

OOooh, those cupcakes look so yummy! I wish I could have come, and I do have baby clothes I am going to to send you just as soon as I get off my tookus and go through those boxes. I'm dreading it cause I can only keep a little, send you the good stuff...and then get rid of the rest :|

Love you!