July 18, 2011

Mom's First Haircut

I cut Clark's hair for the first time!
Before Haircut
I got bored the other day, and decided I was tired of looking at Clark's unmanageable fluff and frizz,  so I gave him a haircut.  He sat really well, and it was much easier than I thought.  I didn't really have a plan going into it... I just cut.  I love his fake smiles, and the fact that he can hardly ever keep his eyes open in a picture.
Here is the the after picture :)
It is a little uneven  in the back, but barely noticeable since his hair has so much body and curl.
Here is a little better picture after it had dried some.
I like his hair shorter here, since it is not as curly as it was in Hawaii.
He is such a cutie.


Hoku said...

You did a FANTASTIC job!!! I refused to cut Jerry's hair initially but after all the boys I've had (and the number of haircuts they've required) I decided to just give it a go and have been cutting ALL my boys hair for years. I'm DEFINITELY no Paul Brown but I've gotten better. Granted, some haircuts are (way) better than others but, as my mom says, "The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut with boys is three weeks." ;) Sometimes it just needs to grow out a bit and try again. In the meantime, we've bought plenty of hats...

Hoku said...

PS: Clark is so adorable!!! In fact, he's such a cutie I bet he could even pull off a few rat-bites so you're all-clear!