July 05, 2011

Naked time... at church????

Has your son ever stripped down to his nothingness, and paraded around the church building???
Well, mine has!  

Clark Michael, in all his glory, decided that he wanted to go pee pee in the potty (like a his bestest friend Porter) the other night at Relief Society.  So, instead of coming to ask me for help, or anyone for help, he just stripped naked and went.  Then he didn't even bother to get redressed.  Luckily I got to him before too many people saw, and the building was pretty quiet that night.
I did get pretty mad at him, before I understood the whole situation, and then (like always) I felt bad.
Now, looking back, it was really, really funny.  My baby boy, forever the streaker.

I guess it is time to start with the potty training.  I have been putting it off until school was out, and now that it is out I don't really have any more excuses.  So, hopefully, prayerfully, by this time next month he will be all potty trained.  And I will only have one baby in diapers!
Well, for a few weeks, until the Princess comes to stay.


Becca said...

Good for him deciding he was ready for that step in becoming a big boy! That is definitely a story I'm sure he will find embarrassing. I would think you would have the easiest time potty training with him - but I am not going to bet on it because you can never know. Being like his bestest friend sounds like it would be good incentive for Clark.

Good luck Clark! (and mommy)

Hoku said...

This made me laugh really loud. My boys have taken off lots of their clothes... but never gotten completely naked. So funny!