January 11, 2011

This is why I love Harry.

You know that moment of terror, when you realize the kids are being too quiet...
When you try to remember the last time they stormed through the room, or you asked you for something.
I hate those moments. 
They are normally followed by me sending Clark to time out, 
and cleaning up some ridiculous mess, while silently crying to myself.  
But NOT with Harry!
He is never doing anything naughty.  Never.
He is such a good little boy.
Sure, he does bad things, like biting kids in nursery, or trying to climb on the stove to take all the burners apart.  But never those crazy type Clark messes, like poop on the walls, or baby powder everywhere.
Mostly I just find him quietly reading his books.
Today after my workout (yes, you heard that right, a workout) I found that he put himself to sleep, in his bed, all cuddled up with his blankies.  
Sometimes it makes me sad that he is so independent, he hardly acts like he needs me -or even likes me.  Its just his age, I guess.  I mean, I know he needs me, who else is going to wash his sippy cup, and reach the pretzels for him.  I just can't wait for him to love me, or even just like me a lot.
 But how cute is it that he just loves to read all day.  
I love that he loves to read, I love it so much!!!

ps. Oh, I forgot.  Harry does like to do one very naughty thing.  He pulls all my books from the shelf, and bends the pages.  Two shelves of paperback books, all over the floor, 499 times a day.  Some days I don't even bother picking them up, because I know in 30 seconds he is just going to do it all again.  Bad Harry!

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Hoku said...

Okay, it's official. I LOVE YOUR BLOGS! You are such a gifted and witty writer. I love that you get me to laugh out loud one moment, and to tear up another. This blog will be such a great gift to your posterity so they can see what a fun gal you are!