January 03, 2011

2010 Top 10, and 2011 Resolutions.

We loved 2010!
So much changed, and we got to experience a lot of fun stuff. 
We (or rather I, cause I do the blogging) decided to make a top 10 list of our favorite things.
In no particular order, and with a little something from everyone.

1.  Going to Nauvoo and Palmyra.  I could very well say our whole summer road trip, but these two stops were the most meaningful.  This summer was a dream come true in many aspects, for all of us.  Clark and Harry got to ride on a REAL train, we got to spend so much time with family, and we made some really memorable stops along the way.
We traveled 6,000 miles this year, from sea to shining sea.  Amazing.
2.  Our 2 weeks (almost free) vacation in Waikiki, or as I tenderly refer to it, the Long Goodbye.  It was so fun to say goodbye to all our favorite places, and spend our last few days in Hawaii laid back, sun tanning, and swimming all day.  I miss living Hawaii so much, like I'm sure I always will, but I will treasure those two weeks the most.  It was a happy time for our family, even though we were sad, and a little scared for all the changes coming, we had so much fun together.
3.  We loved seeing our nieces and nephews this summer, and my Grandparents.  Clark LOVED being with his cousins, he still talks about them all the time.  We don't get to spend time with our extended family nearly enough.  
4.  Clark starting school, twice.  He loves school so much, and I am sure this was probably one of the highlights of his year.
5.  Jason (finally) got promoted to 1st Class this year.  It was a big surprise, even though he had been on the list for awhile.  I was, and continue to be, so proud of him and all the hard work he does for our family.
6.  In April we got a visit from my brother and sister, and both their spouses.  It was quite a houseful, for our tiny little two bedroom in Hawaii.  But, I loved every minute of it, and so did the boys.  I will miss people coming to visit us in Hawaii, it seems no one cares to much for the Boskos in Virginia (I'm  joking).  We did get a fun visit from our dear friends Carol and Eddie, during Thanksgiving, it was so nice to see them after a long year apart.
7.  Harry's Autism diagnosis, while  not a sun-shiny happy highlight, was a big part of our year.  It really helped us understand a lot of the things that were going on with Harry, and put us on a better path to help him.  My eyes were opened, and he changed the way I think about everything.  Some days I still wish he didn't have Autism, most days really.... I wish that he was just like the other little boys his age.  But as easy and ideal as that sounds, I love him so much, just the way he is, and I would take him anyway I could get him.
8.  A new car for Mommy, and new couches!!!!  It is so nice to finally have my own vehicle, so I can do my own things during the day.  It was such a blessing that we were actually able to find one we could afford.
9.  I turned 30!  I am glad I got to spend my birthday with my family this year, I wish I could every year.  Just the other day I had a 20 year old someone, tell me that I don't look 30 at all... I look more like 27, or 28, you know not "THAT" old.
I never really felt old until that instant, LOL. 
10.  This was a fun year for movies!  My favorite movie of the year, Harry Potter 7 Part 1.  I loved it, and I am DYING for the next one.  Harry and Clark loved How To Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me.  Jason loved Knight and Day, and The Other Guys.  Also, Jason and I both really liked Inception.  (I know what you are thinking, and no we don't watch too much tv, that is all in your imagination.)
11.  (And one more just for kicks.)  Meeting Diana Gabaldon in September.  What a surreal experience.  There is nothing like meeting some one you admire, and look up to so much, a "famous" person.  It is like standing outside your body, you can see yourself acting like a total dork, but you can't stop it.  She was gracious, kind, and a delight to meet.  I hope to see her again someday, maybe when the next Outlander book comes out.

We really were tremendously blessed last year.  And I am looking forward to another amazing year with my little family.  Jason and I have been talking about some of the goals we would like to work on as a family for this coming year.  Most importantly, and at the top of our list, is getting out of debt and working towards financial freedom.  We have tossed around the idea of me getting a part time job to help with the bills, so I will start looking and see what I can find.  We also are going to continue to attend church more faithfully, and every Sunday.  We've been doing so well lately, and I want to make sure we stay on the right path.  We are going to start reading scriptures as a family, and make sure we continue having Family Home Evening on a regular basis.  I also want to make sure we have dinner every night as a family, gathered around the dinner table.  It gets too easy to eat in shifts, and most of the time in front of the tv.  I really believe, and have FAITH, that if we do these things, we will grow closer as a family, and closer to the Lord.  Which is all I could ever want for my children and family.
I love the feeling of a New Year, and all the possibilities that it offers us.  A clean slate to work with, a chance to start over and do better.  Better ourselves, better our family.
It's exciting.  Happy New Year!

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