January 15, 2011

The Ribbon

Clark and his friendship bracelet.
Right before New Years our friends from Northern Virginia came down to spend the weekend.
We love hanging out with the Pomeroy's, and Clark adores their oldest Taryn.
It was a fun night of Rockband, and the kids running around playing.  We always have so much fun, and get so busy talking, that I never remember to take pictures :(
When they were loading up to leave the next day, Clark was heartbroken and crying.
He ran to the car window to say goodbye to Taryn, and being the little sweetie that she is, she gave him this little blue ribbon.  At first Clark didn't know what to do with it, so he just carried it around talking about his friend, and his "bee-yu" (which is what he called the blue ribbon).  Finally, I tied it around his wrist so it wouldn't get lost.  He cried when it got wet in the shower.  He cried when his sleeves were too long, and he could see it, or show it off properly.  He loved his "bee-yu" ribbon.  I finally convinced him to take it off, 4 days later, and now it is safety tucked away with his favorite R2D2.
What a tender little heart he has.  He can be so sentimental sometimes.  I love watching his eyes tears up during a sad part in a movie, or when he notices someone is sad.  I love that he is not all boy, wild and crazy all the time, I love his sensitive side.  My favorite time with Clark is hanging out in our big chair, reading a book or watching a show, he always leans his head against my shoulder and links his arm through mine.  Very tender indeed.  It's these quiet, sweet, tender moments with Clark that help me get through the days when he pees on the floor -just cause he feels like it, or flicks a spoonful of mac and cheese on the wall.  
I sure love my Big Tuna.


michaela said...

He is such a sweet little lovey. Reading this made my heart melt. Love you guys!

Hoku said...

What a sweet and tender blog! I'm a firm believer in something I heard a long time ago that goes kinda like this, "Motherhood is hard and tedious and frustrating 95% of the time, but it's the sweet, loving, tender things our children do 5% of the time that make our hearts melt and help us put up with the rest of the it."