January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday- Deimler Family

Yesterday my Gramps emailed me some old family pictures.  Aren't they great?!
I think they were taken around 1987.
 This was our old house in Goodyear, Arizona.  
I loved our little twin palm trees.  By the time our family move away, in 1994, they were so tall.  
I can't get over how much BJ reminds me of Harry, all chubby and cute.
I love this picture.  Left to right, Emma, BJ and April (Me).
If I was guessing, I would say Emma is pouting because she was sad Gramps and Granny were leaving. It was (and still is) always so hard to say goodbye to our grandparents.  I still cry when we leave their house after a vacation, and I am 30 years old.  BJ is so huge, and once again totally reminds me so much of Harry, especially the no pants part, lol.  And there is my always cheesy smile, that never went away did it :)

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michaela said...

Shut- the -front- door! My favorite house in the whole wide world. This is the house where where we became besties for life....those were the days.