May 27, 2010

In an instant.

Earlier this week we got some exciting news, Jason got promoted to 1st class!!  We have been waiting for this for a couple years, and thought it was going to take a while longer due budget crunches through out the Coast Guard/military. We were/ are very excited, and I am SO proud of Jason!  Then yesterday we got some disappointing news... Due to the promotion, Jason's new station in McKinleyville does not need him, they already have their 1st class rates filled.  So, that is off the table, months of planning over in an instant.  (We have the movers coming next week, what were they thinking!!)
We are now going to NORFOLK, VIRGINIA.  Um.  Blah.  Meh.  Our first move in 2001 was to Alexandria, Virginia.  Norfolk is about 190 miles (3.5 hours) southeast.  I used to travel there for work trips, and I was not that impressed.  I was so upset when Jason told me, devastated.  I wanted to live close to our family, I wanted to live in California.  Boo.  I am sure Norfolk is awesome, but part of me feels like I've been there, done that.  Send me anywhere on the East Coast, why there... Jason does like to remind it could be worse and we could be stuck going to Cape May NJ, or somewhere else just as horrible (so I will count my blessings).
ANYWAY.  Enough of the pessimistic attitude.  I know (and I have to believe) that we were sent there for a reason.  The promotion is a blessing, and likewise everything that comes with it (whether I like it or not, right now).  Jason's new job will be very good for his career and schooling, and I have heard good things about some of the programs and schools there for the boys.  Even though we are going to be living so far from our family again, at least we still get to go home and see everyone this summer... and I am planning the most AWESOME road-trip ever.  Norfolk here we come!
There were a lot of things that I loved about Virginia the first time we lived there, and I am excited to see and do those things again: Fireworks at the Capitol for the 4th of July, all the Smithsonian Museums, 6 hours from New York, 12 hours from Orlando and one of my bestest friends up in Maine.  All the beautiful fall colors, and FIREFLIES, and Christmas time actually feeling like Christmas!  We are still very close to the beaches (even though they are not as awesome) and a lot of historical sites.  We will find plenty of things to do, and love, about Norfolk.  And maybe, just maybe,  in 4 years when we are getting ready to move, I will be just as sad that I have to leave.  Maybe.
Norfolk here we come, get ready!


Dan and Sharon said...

I'm so excited, but I'm sad that you don't get to be in CA. Maybe you will get a better place in CA next time. You totally have to get season passes to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. You guys are always welcome to stay at our place anytime you need a DC fix. See you guys soon, I hope. (it was 95 today with Summer time humidity) We will come visit you guys!

THE ROGERS said...

April that is great news about the promotion, but sad about having the been there done that feeling! You listed a ton of pro's to living there and the boys will probably love it there:)