May 25, 2010

Lost Without You...well for now.

One of my favorite TV shows of all time.
(Right after X-Files and Friends.)
This weekend was the series finale of the show.  Six years I have been invested in the show, six years of ups and downs, moving, and having two babies (that was me I was talking about, although they had all those things on the show as well).  Six years of watching the characters I have grown to love, and their moving, thrilling, dramatic stories.  Needless to say I was a little sad... ok, I was a lot sad.  I get overly attached to TV shows, it is embarrassing.  I am going to save myself the embarrassment, and you the hassle of having to delete me out of your contacts, by NOT telling you how much I cried at the end.  We will also not discuss how much TV I actually watch, or the borderline crazy ways I obsess over my TV scheldule and shows.
Back to Lost, it is one of my very favorites, and being as lucky as we are, we live right where they shoot the show, Oahu, Hawaii!  The past four years we have visited a lot of places where they have filmed, purposely and accidentally.  This last weekend we cruised the island visiting some of my favorite landmarks (from the show), saying goodbye to the show...and also to Hawaii.
Clark found our road map, not that we really need one, and proceded to tell us where to go.
Seriously, he was telling us about the water and mountains on the map, and what roads to go on.
Thankfully we did not take his instructions, or we would've landed in the ocean.

Our first stop, Dharmaville.
These little mustard yellow houses are a staple of the show (starting in season 3).
It is actually a YMCA camp, Camp Erdman.
I found it amazing to see the difference between what I saw, and what the film crews turn it into.  Surreal.
Next stop, Papa'iloa Beach.
This is where the survivors camp was, and where they spent most of the time during the first couple seasons.
This tree, on this little hill, off the beach, is one of my favorite landmarks from the show.
The grassy area below the tree was used as the graveyard, you can still see raised ground from a few graves, and a shallow half dug grave.  My imagination was running WILD at this point.  We will also not discuss how silly I was acting, or how excited I was, or the fact that I almost cried.

We found turtles, and lots of them.
(Nothing to do with Lost, I was just excited.  Sea Turtles make me happy.)
We have seen Sea Turtles before, but never so many in one place.  I think we saw 15-20 different Turtles that afternoon, amazing.  One of my favorite beaches to visit, for Lost and the Turtles.

So Lost is over.  The final episode was beautiful, heart-wrenching, and even a little maddening.  I will miss the show, I will miss it characters, and yes I will miss Hawaii.  But at least I still have GLEE!
I heart GLEE!
I feel like the show was made JUST FOR ME!
I look forward to the new songs every week, and I am constantly blown away by the talent of the cast.
(I adore Lea Michele, and I am SO happy Idina Menzel has been on the past couple episodes.)
Oh! And Fringe!
(What a great show.)

Jason, Clark and Harry.
Standing next to, what will hopefully be someday, our future home.
(Obviously when we are rich and famous.)
(Home not photographed, I did not want to be a stalker.)
What a wonderful (bittersweet) weekend.  Thanks Jason :)


Katy said...

Enjoy Oahu just a little bit for me. Take pictures of the colors. The green Koolau Mountains and the Blue Kaneohe Bay. I would forget what those colors are supposed to look like w/out pictures.

Jenni said...

Loved this post!! I think it is SO COOL that you visited all the film sites--something I totally would have done! I am a little embarrassed to admit I have not seen one single episode of Lost. Am I really missing out?

Jen said...

This is great. I didnt realize they filmed Lost in Hawaii. Double whammy that you have to leave the island too. sad. Funny I always think Clark looks like you but he really looks like Daddy here.
I think the little tour was awesome.

April said...

Yes Jenni, worth it :) Totally in my top 5 fav shows of all time.

Dan and Sharon said...

I love Glee. Dan loves that you went to see where Lost was filmed. Have a great week