May 19, 2010

WHY am I leaving Hawaii???

We only have four more weeks left in Hawaii!
I am not ready to leave yet...
I am going to miss everything so much!
I am going to miss the mountains, the beautiful breathtaking Ko'olau Mountains.
We are so lucky to live right next to them.  During rain storms you can see hundreds of little water falls cascading down the steep cliffs and cracks.
I am going to miss the clouds and the sky, and all the amazing colors they produce here. 
The sunsets are always amazing, and the few sunrises I have experienced were lovely.
Mokolii Island or Chinaman's Hat.
The sky REALLY was this purpley-pink color.
How beautiful!
I am going to miss the trees, probably the palm trees the most.
Hawaii does have some of the most curious tress I have ever seen.
(I know we aren't going to lack in that department, in our new area, living only minutes from the Redwood Forest!)
Isn't this tree just crazy.

I am going to miss all the different types of flowers, that we get all year long, and their sweet smells.
(I am going to save you from the hundreds of flower pictures I want to post.)
Did you know Plumerias are my favorite?
I want a Plumeria tree.

I am going to die without the sunny, warm beaches, DIE!
I have taken for granted how close we are to some of the best beaches, in the world (yea, I just went there).  We can go swimming whenever we want, and snorkeling...I will miss you the most snorkeling, me and you are best friends forever.
This is Turtle Beach, where all the giant Sea Turtles come to eat and swim.

This was our home for four years.  We started our family here.  Never before have we felt more at home than here in Hawaii.  In all the places we have lived so far (Utah, Washington DC, Alameda) this one feels the most like we belong, it is going to be so hard to leave.
I am so GLAD and HAPPY that we are going to live closer to our families!!!  No more six hour, four hundred dollar flights!  Family roadtrips!
Still, despite the all the GOOD our move will bring, it is so hard to leave...maybe we might come back, maybe.
This is Kaneohe, where we live.  If I was smarter I would digitally add in a little arrow where our neighborhood is, but alas I am not.
This place is all about coming to, not leaving.  She whispers and calls to you, come visit me, play at my beaches, experience my culture, shop and eat, explore my beauty.  Hawaii seduces you, she wants you to be here...she doesn't want you to leave.  
Oh, Hawaii...I LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Stunning pics as always. Like a fairy tale. I feel your pain.($400 flights?! Its costs $1200 to fly from here to Salt Lake!!I ouldnr consider Montana more remote than Hawaii, but apparently Delta Airlines does!)

Dan and Sharon said...

this makes me want to jump on a plane and come visit. I miss Hawaii.

Granny said...

My heart goes out you April. You are torn,but it's time to go up on the next rung of life. You will make it and one day your new home will seem comfortable again. Love you dearly.

Virginia Bed and Breakfast said...

I understand you that when visit somewhere you enjoy every moment but when you are leaving it was so painful for all. I visit Hawaii before couple of years with my spouse it was my first honeymoon and I really enjoyed we don’t want to leave from there but we have to go.

Laura said...

I LOVE HAWAII TOO!! I never want to leave that place now that I have Jamin all i need is Hawaii in my life and I will be so happy!

Rachael Grotegut said...

I am so sad I never got to visit. I hate being poor and having a cheap husband. It will be nice having you closer. I promise to visit when you are in CA!