May 11, 2010

Our 9th Anniversary

Last month we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  Nine whole years we've been married!  Somedays it feels like just yesterday we got married, and other days I can hardly remember a life without Jason and my boys in it.
Jason is so sweet.  He planned a nice romantic dinner for us, at the Top of Waikiki, which is one of those crazy-high rotating restaurants.  He even made a thoughtful little playlist (via iPod) of all 'our' songs to listen to, on the way down town. It totally brought me back to our dating days, listening to and sharing music (via mixed tapes/cds...  awe, remember the good old days of mixed tapes).
There is our restaurants, way up there, I think it was 25 stories high (yikes), and it rotated, CRAZY.
Beautiful view of the ocean and the Royal Hawaiian hotel.
Our sunset view was marred by these obnoxious buildings.  Too bad we weren't a little higher up (wait, did I just say that, I am scared of heights, down please).
All in all it was a lovely evening, good food, quiet dinner without fighting kids and food on the floor, and some quality time spent with my sweetie.
Hoping and praying for another wonderful nine years.

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Emma and Cody said...

Happy Anniversary last month!! I am so glad that you married Jason! we sure do love him! And I don't think your truly afraid of heights until you freak out getting on an escalator. I have always wanted to eat at that restaurant too. I hope it was tasty tasty!