August 27, 2009

The worst week ever...

Seriously, last week was the worst week ever.  Well, the worst since I have become a mom.  It has taken me an entire week to recover and come back from it, and even then some of the memories are still too fresh.  Brace yourselves, this is not going to be pretty.
Last week...we ALL got the stomach flu!  There was vomit, fevers, crankiness, there was more vomit...and then the dreaded diarrhea.  The Bosko's don't really get sick...we may get a cold or cough, and we do have allergies all the time that are a nuisance, but we don't ever throw up or get ill in gross ways, never.  I can count all the times in Clark's short life that I have seen him be physically sick (4), it just never happens at our house.  We have been so lucky...until last week.
Poor little Harry had it the worst, eight whole days of not being able to keep anything down.  Eight days!  Needless to say, he has lost some weight.  I think the first couple days I went through 40 diapers (just for Harry)!  I have never seen another human being, not to mention a tiny little one, throw up so much at one time.  It was shooting 2 feet from his mouth, splattering all over the took me an entire can of carpet cleaner to get the smell out of his bedroom.  My heart was breaking for him, it was so hard to see him so miserable and uncomfortable.  Jason even took him to the ER a couple times, cause we were so worried about him getting dehydrated or paranoid that something else was going on.  He soldiered on, and I am pleased to announce that yesterday was his first day with a normal pooh...yay.
Clark lucked out and only had it 24 hours, threw up once and slept for like 14 hours straight.  I could handle Clark getting sick once a week if he was gonna sleep that long, it was quiet day.
Jason and I got it over the weekend.  Luckily it hit me first, so I had a day to try and sleep it off before Jay got it too.  I really can't think of a worse feeling in the world, I hate being sick.  It is really the one thing I am scared of the most...throwing up, feeling nausea, I HATE it.

So here we are, a week later, finally able to eat solid foods again...and some what back to normal.  I feel 5 years older.  I have SO much laundry and chores to catch up on.  (You know that was one of the worse things too, before we all got sick I was all caught up on laundry and ALL caught up.  Now I am back to square one, with 11 loads of laundry to do...and so many dishes to wash.)  You know, there is no better feeling than being healthy, eating what you like, being able to play with your kids, living life without a pounding migraine and a fever.  No better feeling than coming OUT of a week from hell, scrubbing vomit and other unmentionables out of the carpet numerous times a day, and realizing you made...I made it.  
Now please, give me another year or five before I ever have to do anything like that again.


Kirsten said...

oh man, I've never even have anything that bad here. Birth and stomach flu. Worst things ever. At least with birth you have a baby in the end.

Jenni said...

yikes! that's horrible! look at it this way, now you won't take for granted the 'healthy times' cause you've been through the 'crappy times.' total pun intended.

glad everyone is better!

Granny said...

Your story brings back some not to wonderful memories. So glad for you that it is all over. hugs and kisses to all. Love to all