August 21, 2009

Shark Dialogues

Shark Dialogues  by Kiana Davenport

✭✭✭ (out of five stars)

I am so torn about this book.
One the one hand I love Kiana Davenport.  Her storytelling is so rich, her writing is beautiful, her characters are so intriguing...and I love the Hawaiian history and culture she infuses with every line and passage.  I liked the concept of the book, following a family through four generations, how their mistakes become our mistakes, how we all need a past, and something to fight for.  However, the end just didn't justify the whole of the book (for me).
I found this book to be a little too much.  Things happening just for the shock of them happening.  New story lines and characters starting, that while interesting didn't really need to belong to the story as a whole...could have been their own story.  A little too crude in parts for me, and heartbreaking.
Such mixed left me feeling mad and sad and disappointed, yet amazed.

Rated: R
Recommended: Not really, maybe.

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Harding Family said...

I love our book reports, then I don't have to read it:) Still haven't told me when you have time to read.