August 04, 2009


Clark had his 6th month evaluation today, with his speech therapist, to check his progress and see how many goals he has/we have met....and adjust accordingly.  Things have been going really well with his talking.  He can say about 22 words now, and sing along to songs (somewhat).  He still only "talks" when he feels like it, spontaneously, and you can never get him to repeat things, AND half of what he says is so hard to understand anyway (unless you really know him).  But overall it is still an improvement from what it used to be, which was nothing.  
When we began this program he was at a 10-12 month speaking (or non-speaking) level (he was already 2 years old), now he is at a 17 month level.  What an improvement!  Slow but steady.  A few of the other areas he was behind in (cognitive, fine motor skills and self'-help and social skills) are also slowly improving as well.  I was so unsure of his "therapy" sessions at first.  I mean, the people really didn't do anything different from what I was already doing, maybe just a little more structure, and they only spent 45 minutes with him a week.  But when you can see the results, and how excited he gets when Jill and Grace come over...well then it doesn't really matter.
We talked about the next six months, and what we would like our goals to be.  Doubling his word count and working on 2-3 word combinations will be the main focus, and then finding a way to redirect and deal with his destructive behavior.  We also talked about maybe continuing services when he turns 3, pre-schools or head start programs he could go to, and what we would do when we move.  It is so nice for me to know that I have a team of people at my disposal, to support me and Clark.  I feel so blessed, and lucky.  I know there are other kids out there, and families, that need more help than we do...but it is still nice to know that there is help out there, and that these people care about Clark's well being just as much as I do.

Clark's List of Words:
there he is or there it is
ball candy
star fire
yes/no bath
water show
bubble shoes
Harry again
outside oh toodles
food bye
Daddy Walle
that cookie
see bed    
please apple (his first word)
As you can see there is NO mommy on the list...grrrr!


Harding Family said...

I was reading that and for some reason thought it was Harry the 10 month old, I was impressed...the 6 month saying messed me up! He's doing great. Nate did not talk till he was 3, cause I did it for him. Mom thought he was retarted:) good thing she was wrong. If you move to San Antonio, there are amazing programs for him. Good luck with that! He'll say mom soon enough. My favorite saying of Boston's right now is "Yes Mommy or Yes please"-so stinking cute!

Sarah said...

I think it is cute that he does say Harry's name.

Caleb said...


lol that's funny.