March 22, 2009

Kill Me

Kill Me by Stephen White

If you thought you were going to die a long, painful debilitating death...would you find a way to die sooner?  That is basically what this books is about, assisted suicide.  A group of hired assassins who kill their clients, before they reach the point in their illness when they can no longer Live life to it fullest.  But do some make the decision too soon...

Besides the morbid theme of the book, which I am not sure I agree with, I found the book very entertaining.  The writing was fast paced, and compelling.  I breezed right through it, and some nights did not want to put it down.  The characters were well written, like-able, and a little  screwed up (which always makes for good reading).  I loved the way the author put the story together, a little backwards and from two different point of views.  It kept the story interesting, and mysterious.  

Overall... great read, decent book.  I would definitely try this author again.

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