March 22, 2009

Flashback Friday

(And to tell the truth, it is actually Flashback Saturday night)
No cute little picture this week remembering the olden days, cause I just had no time to find one to put on my computer.  You know, I am remember a time when I actually got to do things I wanted to do.  When I slept until I wasn't tired, ate my food when I was hungry...and did not have boogers, peanut butter, or baby spit up all over my clothes.  I remember when I got to buy new clothes, and not cause I got fatter or cause I was pregnant...but cause it was just a cute outfit.  I remember when I could go days, almost a week, without doing it is one or two loads a day.  I remember when Jason and I would go to the movies every weekend (sometimes twice a weekend) and we even had the money to afford it.  I remember being able to walk to the bathroom on the middle of the night, and not having to worry if I was going to break my ankle tripping over a million toys.  I remember not having to worry about gas or grocery money, and spending $50 on dvds just cause we could (such a waste).  I remember staying up all night with Jason talking, and playing games...instead of bickering and falling asleep at 10:30.  I remember doing my hair and make-up everyday, and going out.  Life was so easy before, so quiet, so house was so clean.  I really could go on and on about all my life before kids memories...but I am going to have to get up in a couple hours and I am tired.  
That life sounds like such a fantasy now... and even if I could have it again, I wouldn't want it!  Even though my house was clean, and there was money in the bank, and it would seem like we had everything...something was missing.  And now we are complete.  Poorer, tired-er, dirtier...but HAPPIER!  I wouldn't trade my little boys for all the sleep, money or anything in the world.  And that is the TRUTH.


Harding Family said...

Amen April...I hear ya on all of that! What I wouldn't give to just jump on an airplane for free-used to be a flight attendant. It wouldn't feel right! Come to TX!

Dan said...

I love you wrote this entry. It makes me feel that I'm not the only one feeling that being a MOM is the best think on earth. We sure do miss you Bosko's. Keep in touch.- Sharon

Jenni said...

Love that post. I'm right there with ya on all of it. Although, Don and I never had a 'getting to know you' phase of our marriage. Just a honeymoon baby, I still wouldn't change it for the world!