March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay!

Look what 25 years can do (we are guessing Jay was 8 in this picture?).  This is one of my favorite pictures of little Jason.  He still has that same exact smile.
Jason took last Wednesday off of work to celebrate his 33rd birthday with his favorite person, ME!  We spent the day together as a family, hanging around the house watching cartoons, going to Cold Stone for ice cream (we tried their new ice cream cupcakes, yum-o), and going to town for dinner and shopping.  Just a wonderful day with the family.  Jason wanted to eat at the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant, and despite the kids melt downs and the drink Clark spilt in my purse, it was a lovely meal.  He got a new wedding band for his birthday, since his ring broke years ago, and had fun picking it out.  
The thing I love the most about Jay is, he could've chosen anything to do that day, but all he wanted was to be with me and the boys having quality time (and of-course consuming large amounts of food).  Jason is such a great dad, he always wants the best for the boys, and will do anything for them.  He works so hard for our family, always taking some course or class to further his career and better himself.  He is so kind, and forgiving...always looking for the best in people.  Even though I never show it, I feel so blessed to have found him as my companion.  He always treats me with love and patience, regardless of my sassy mouth (believe it or not I can be quite a beast to live with).  And he reminds me to laugh, even when I don't want to.  He brings so much laughter into our home.  The boys love to play with him, and he is always willing to throw a ball, build a tower or chase the cat with Clark.  We are so lucky to have him, and I pray for many more happy birthdays.
Blowing out his birthday match?  Dork that I am, I forgot to get some candles.


Dan said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!

smiles said...

Happy birthday Jason!

"chase the cat with Clark" HAHAHA! Love it! Poor Gary.

When seeing the blowing out the birthday match photo on flickr Robert said "at least I'm not the only one with goofy photos of me posted online"

Laura said...