February 13, 2009

Pro Bowl 2009

On Sunday we took Clark to the Pro Bowl (as an early birthday present).  I am not sure who was more excited, Jason or Clark, but Jason did get up really really early, and was ironing the matching t-shirts we bought to wear.  I think Clark was most excited to get some alone time with Mom and Dad (we dropped Harry off at Auntie Carol's).  He loved being around all the people and could feel the excitement of the game.  I was just happy to see those Manning boys in the flesh (num-yummy).
The boys outside Aloha Stadium.  It was such a beautiful sunny day, the first in a few weeks (we have been getting a lot of rain).
Clark did NOT like the fireworks!  There were a lot at the beginning of the game and at half time.  Every time he would calm down and relax, some more would go off.  He would just close his eyes and try to block everything out, Poor Tuna.
Just the three of us, after the game. 
After the game we snuck down to the field to wait for the players, and hopefully get an autograph.  Clark loved seeing everything up close (our seats were in the nose bleeds) and had fun cheering for the players.  It was such a great day.  I loved having a special day just for Clark. I can't believe my little baby boy is turning 2!  My Dad always had the tradition of taking my us (me and my brothers and sisters) out on a birthday date every year, whatever we wanted to do, just me and my Dad. I hope to continue that tradition with Clark, and glad this year I got to sneak along.

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Aunt Pam and Uncle Len said...

You look like you've lost some weight in the picture of you, Jason and Clark. I love that picture.

Love you.