February 26, 2009

Children's Museum

Last weekend we took the boys to the Children's Museum in Honolulu.  It is not very expensive, and a great place to spend a rainy afternoon.  Clark had such a great time, and ran from one play area to the next all afternoon.  He loved playing at the pretend car shop, and with the giant Lego's.  There was even a airplane with real plane seats, and buttons you could operate, that Clark would not go near (still afraid of planes I guess).  It was a wonderful afternoon, a great way to spend the day together.
Clark checking the oil, it would make a funny sound when ever he took the dipper stick out that would send him into a fit of giggles.
Chef Harry.  Playing dress up with Harry, while Clark made pretend cupcakes.
Harry chatting things up with the chunky baby in the mirror.  He could not get enough of himself, and was laughing and slapping the mirror.  It was so cute.
There was this bubble blowing station, that if you did it correctly, would blow the biggest bubble I ever saw.  Clark would puff and puff trying to make it bigger, and then squeal with laughter whenever they popped.
In his construction hat building Lego's, and then promptly knocking them down.


Miken Harding said...

My family's cute...check out all three of your hot boys! How fun...you have got to be a blast as a mom. I just remember having a blast as a friend with you. Did you ever see Callie while she lived in Hawaii for 15 months? Keep in touch!

Laura said...

OH my the is so cute it looks like you guys had so much fun! I wish i could have gone and made cupcakes hahahahahaah love you!