February 07, 2009

The Fiery Cross

Well, I am back on the wagon...
I had to take a small break for our mega busy Christmas, and January was a disaster with recovering from our trip, me and all the kids sick at the same time...and (still) trying to get out our late Christmas cards. But I did miss the Fraser Clan and Diana's wonderful story telling.  As soon as picked up my book, I was sucked right back in.  She has such a way of tugging at my heart strings, and peaking my curiosity.  The fifth installment in Diana's Outlander series, continues with Jamie, Claire and family building their life on Fraser's Ridge, and getting ready for the Revolutionary war.  I love the descriptions of farm and family life in the 1770's.  And I find it fascinating reading of Claire and her trials trying to make penicillin.  Can you even imagine being a doctor in those olden days, with the modern knowledge, trying to save your patient with twigs and berries and your own homemade penicillin.  She is pure genius, and spunk...that Claire.  We got a few tasty answers left from the last few books...about the missing gold, and Jemmy's parentage.  But in true Gabaldon fashion, she doesn't give it all way...and she gives you more and more reasons to keep turning the pages.  I was so pleased with the return of Ian (my favorite character after Jamie and Claire).  And I loved the little murder mystery we had during Jocasta's wedding.  Over all I really can't say enough how much I love these books.  I have enjoyed so much spending the last few months in the lives and stories of these characters.  (Thanks Gramps!)

I have been thinking quite a bit about the upcoming movie or tv show.  I am really hoping for a tv show (by a decent television network PLEASE).  There is so much story and character depth, you could get so much out tv show...for years really (as long as you had good writers and kept to the books).  Anywho, I found my Jamie.  He is Scots and fits the description really well.  I have seen him in a few things and I think he is a great actor (I am LOVING what he is doing on Grey's right now).  He may be a bit too old to play the Jamie in the first couple books, only cause he is so young in the first one (like 24 if I remember right), but he is who I always imagine.  Quite the hottie if I must say so myself.

Kevin McKidd.  My Jamie.

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