September 15, 2008

Women of Genesis

My Mom bought me this series a few years ago, and I have been putting off reading them only because I thought they would be boring Bible stories (that is what I get for judging a book by its cover, and not trusting Orson Scott Card). I really really liked them. I soared through each story, learned a little and was very entertained. I love Orson Scott Card. He writes the best characters, I feel like I walk away from each book knowing them so well...having another friend. I love the way his books suck me into the conflict and heart of the story. I have read most of his books, and this series is the only one I had stayed away from...I am just too stuck up for my own good I guess.
Although he does take some liberties when it comes to the characters, the dialogue, and thought process...I found that he stayed close to the Bible stories we all know. I loved reading more about their families and everyday life... than I did the miracles or parables we were supposed to learn from. I loved how the women he choose to write about were so strong and faithful, always showing integrity....especially during a time when women were thought of as baby making machines (or son making machines) or just another wife added to the pile. The concubine and multiple wife thing still always bothers me...but the way Card wrote about it helped me not hate the husbands as much.
My favorite of the three books was probably Rebekah. I loved her simple faith, and trust in God and her family. I loved the way she meets Issac, and they fall in love. I loved how he explained how she grew up without her mother, only to have her come back in a funny and cruel twist.
In Sarah, I loved how she loved and and knew her husband since she was a child...she waited 1o years for him. I admired her and her husband's faith as they waited and waited for a child. The only thing that did bother me was the story ended right where Abraham takes Issac to sacrifice him on the Lord's command...I would've really loved to read Card's interpretation and insight.
Rachel and Leah was equally compelling. I loved reading about their relationship as sisters, their struggles to compete with one another. I enjoyed reading the banter and arguments, and the struggles of their father trying to keep both his girls happy. After finishing it, I found out that he is writing a second part to the book...which I think it awesome cause there is so much more that could've come on in the story.

So, in conclusion....always trust Orson Scott Card (I will never doubt again). I have rarely (I can only think of once or twice) been disappointed in anything he has written. I feel like he is writing to me sometimes, his characters say what I am thinking, and...well I just really like him. I enjoyed this series and I am looking forward to the next installment.

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Caleb said...

Never doubt the Card: Some may not be as good as others, but they are never bad.