September 20, 2008

In The Woods

(This is my first post on my new computer...YAY!  I am still trying to figure things out and get used to a whole new system, I don't do very well with change, but so far I am happy.)

In The Woods by Tana French

I finished this book in just a couple days, it was pretty good.  Although, I am not sure I finished so fast because it was so good or just because I am having horrible insomnia lately (I am averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night, mean fat unborn baby).
The story is about a detective, Rob Ryan.  When he was a child he and his two friends were playing in the woods, and his friends disappeared, he was found alone, scared and covered in blood.  He never remembered what happened.  Fast forward like 20 years, there is another murder in the same woods, it brings back memories, and questions and a mental breakdown, as he tries to keep his past hidden and see if the cases are connected.
It was an interesting enough book, the characters were like-able (I really liked Cassie Maddox, she was so spunky and a fun character to get to know), and the story was fast paced.  I got lost in the narrative and back story, I liked that it did not take me very long to get into the book.  I was just disappointed with the ending.  They advertised this book as a physiological thriller, and mystery.  I did not think it was very scary or thrilling, and I figured out who-dunit pretty early on in the book.  The ending was anti-climatic and left a lot to be said.  However, the author has come out with a sequel type book, with a couple of the same maybe the loose ends will get tied up there.  I am looking forward to reading it, but will wait until it is in paperback.
Happy Reading Everyone...

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