August 20, 2008

10 Things

I was tagged by my cousin Becca! And since I have no life, and nothing to blog about (and no one wants to listen to me complain) I will graciously play along. All I have to do is write a blog with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about myself. Sounds easy, but I am sure it is gonna take all day. Here we go...
1. I love the Reelz Channel. It is pretty much the only thing I watch all day, unless Clark is watching cartoons or there is a show I have recorded on my dvr (which come the fall will be stock full of my favorite shows!!!). It's all about movies all day long. It helps with the with-drawls of not being able to go out to the movies as much as I used to.
2. I love to chew ice. I probably go through 5-8 cups of ice a day. It helps to reduce my snacking, and cools me down in the miserable summer heat/humidity. The cutest thing is Clark is now addicted. He will sneak his grubby dirty hands into anyones drink now looking for ice. I know it is not good for his (or my teeth) but I guess it is better than candy.
3. As much as I love to read, I hate going to the library. It think it smells, and the chairs are never comfortable. And it is really hard for me to check out books thinking of all the people who checked them out before they eat while they read, go to the bathroom with their books, let their dog slobber on the pages...ew! I would rather just buy my books.
4. You would never know by looking at me....but it is my dream to run a marathon. I don't have to win, or even get a good time. I just want to run the whole 26 miles. The problem is I can't even run for 10 minutes without needing my inhaler and almost passing out. Someday....
5. I always say my favorite color is red, but it is really pink.
6. I am a collector. It is a dangerous and spendy habit. Most of the stuff I collect is useless junk (I am the proud owner for 12 Monopoly games!?) but it doesn't stop me.
7. I hate the summer! Which is ironic cause I live in Hawaii (and I do love Hawaii), and it is summer almost everyday. But I hate the heat, I hate wearing shorts, I hate to sweat, and nothing is good about summer except my birthday and the 4th of July. If it wasn't for the beach, or swimming, I am sure I would just lock myself indoors in front of the air conditioner until it was over....but then I also hate swim suits.
8. I hate to floss, and I only do it like once a week. Gross I know, all my teeth are probably gonna fall out....but I just don't like to do it. I also loath going to the dentist.
9. I love watching Iron Chef America...and it is my dream that they would invite me to be a guest judge.
10. And I am gonna get a lot of hate mail for this one...but I don't really like dogs. They are cute (when they belong to other people and don't poop in my yard) and I am sure they make great pets...but I am just a cat person. Maybe if I could find a dog that did not stink, was small, and let itself out to the bathroom without bothering me...maybe then I would like it. I have only met a few good pooches in my life, they are just too hard to come by.

I am supposed to tag 10 people...but I am feeling rebellious so I am not going to. HA! Feel free to play along if you would like.


Emma and Cody said...

You are pretty much dead to me now, you know what I am talking about.
And I figured the pink thing. I am glad you finally came out of the closet.

The Bosko Family said...

Well, I like your dogs cause they don't poop in my yard. And they make Clark so happy. I just mostly hate our neighbors dog, I want to punch her in the balls...hmm well you get what I mean.

Jenni said...

I loved the favorite color actually being pink part! That sounds like something I would do!!

Maybe we can do a marathon together someday! It's my goal to do one too, although it sounds like a miserable way to spend four hours, but I still want to say I did one. I think the half marathon might suits me more....

I also hate the library, but it's because I'm too lazy too look up the books/authors in their systems. I prefer to browse at bookstores and sit on their soft chairs and eat their yummy baked goods....