September 17, 2009

A Little Examle

Yep! That is one of MY kids eating veggies!
I have always given my boys a variety of food to eat and choose from, letting them try new things.  With Clark, he choose to stick with the classic toddler food, hot dogs, french fries, cheese, and Ramen (which he has successfully been weened off of, and is now 14 days Ramen free).  I couldn't get Clark to eat a vegetable to save his life.  Once I remember giving him a bite of my sweet potatoes, only to have him promptly throw up...that's when I stop forcing him to eat veggies.  But little Harry is all about variety, he will try anything.  Broccoli is his favorite!  I was floored when he first ate it, one of my kids eating veggies...amazing.  Don't get me wrong, Harry will knock you down to get to a piece of pizza, but he eats his veggies too.  Good little brother, setting an example for his big brother.

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