September 15, 2009

Who wants to go swimming?

These days we have been spending almost all our free time outside.  As soon as the boys wake up and have their breakfast (and of-course watch a few of their favorite shows), we go straight outside.  We probably spend a good 3-4 hours outside everyday (you would think I would have a better tan by now, ha ha ha).  They chase the dog and the pig around, dig in the mud, sweep the sidewalks, and play in the pool.  And everyday without fail, as soon as I get the pool out, Clark gets naked!  (Then of -course little Harry has to get naked too.)  For the rest of the afternoon I have a couple of little nudist playing outside...poor little mosquito bites on their bum's and everything.  It is good our yard is secluded, and we don't live right in town.  Boys being boys!  I am so thankful that we have such good weather year around, and I can keep the boys outside all year...what in the world are they gonna do when we move?!?!


Granny said...

Yeah, that looks like fun. Can G G jump in with you?

Aunt Jenny said...

What a great pic of them having a blast!

THE ROGERS said...

What are you doing for the 3-4 hours:) Your such a fun mom! (I like the shadow dots on their little body's;)