August 01, 2011

Harry vs. The Babysitters

Apparently we can not leave Harry with a baby sitter any more.  
He used to be so good when we would drop him off at places, 
mostly cause we only use our friends and people the boys are comfortable with.  
However, the last couple of times we took Harry to a babysitter, he would scream the whole time.  When I went to Harry Potter a few weeks ago he spent the entire time by my friends door, screaming and banging his head on the floor.  I mostly thought he didn't like where we were taking him.  Maybe there were too many kids, or some strange thing was setting him off.  But then other day I dropped him off at my girl friends house, someone he likes a lot and sees multiple times a week, and he still cried and yelled the whole time.  He has never done that before at their house, not so much fun for them.

There is really nothing you can do when Harry decides he doesn't like something, nothing at all.  Sometimes you can bribe him with food or a change of scene, but most of the time you just have to ride the tantrum out.  And the tantrums are never pretty.  There is screaming and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.
It can be scary, and I have the bruises to prove it.

I wonder what the change has been.  
It started sometime this summer, he never had issues with sitters before. 
I wonder.... maybe he is just missing me!  Do you think???  
Is it possible that he actually likes me??  
You would think, and I hope, that he would acknowledge that he likes me when I am actually around, rather than giving me a cold shoulder all the time.  

I guess he would just rather wait, and torture the kind people who watch him, to show me his love.

Oh well.  
We don't go out that much anyway, and soon even less than we already do when the little baby comes.
 Maybe we can look for a new sitter that will come to the house, 
and maybe that will help him not be so angry when we leave.  
But for know I will just be happy to know that he likes me, even if it's just a little.


Anonymous said...

I don't really know April but it just may be he likes to be around things that he is used to which gives him security. He may feel secure at his house. Just a thought! love you.Granny

Becca said...

I agree - maybe you could try a babysitter at home. :)