August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-Big Scary Spider

August 7, 2011
Look what we found in our backyard.
Yikes! Spider!
Needless to say, Jason had a slight panic attack.

Yikes! Spider!
I kinda is pretty, you know... for a spider.

Look what we found in the back yard.
I am hoping this encourages Jason to do the yard work more often.

Big Spider
I don't know what kind it is, but Jason was sure it was going to kill us all in our sleep.
Either way.  It's dead.  And Jason has sprayed the house 3 times since.
Now, if I could get rid of all the ants we have.


Aunt Pam said...

We have something here very similar if not the same and Uncle Len likes to feed them. He will catch moths, crickets, any type of bug to feed his pet. :) Love you!

Sabrina and BJ said...

its a banana spider at least thats what a fellow tree trimmer in texas told me harmless but imagine my reaction when i woke up from my lunch time nap with one on my shirt