June 25, 2010

Super Why?

This is Clark's new favorite show.  
He asks me about 30 times a day if he can watch "Supa Hi".  He loves it, and I love it too, because it is teaching him so much stuff!  He likes to sing the ABC's everyday now, and find letters all over the place.  He can even recognize about half the alphabet.    It is fun to watch his tastes change and mature.  Before I know it we are going to be watch Superman, Batman, and then Lord of the Rings.


Robyn said...

This is the show that Linc has always loved. I think this is where his obsessions with letters and reading began.

The Quaid's said...

This is definitely one I can handle watching over and over... the characters are so cute and so are the songs. Check the PBS website, sometimes Super Why makes appearances at children's festivals.