June 25, 2010

Dear Clark...

Dear Clark,
I am so happy you can talk now!  So very happy!  
I love hearing you try to say new words, and sentences. You are learning how to express your self very well, and everyday you say something new.  You even love to sing.  You walk around all day singing little songs, lately it has been Sponge-Bob's, Its The Best Day Ever song
 (you are so delightfully cute).  
So, again I LOVE that you can talk now, love it.  
However, if you could please refrain from talking back to me that would be just as great :)
Your Mahi

ps.  Last night as we were trying to round up the kids for bed, I warned Clark that he just had few minutes left, and then it was time to go to bed.  He said, while waving his hand at me to go away, "NO, a not a time a bed!"  It was the first time he ever talked back to me.  In fact it was the longest sentence I ever heard him say.  I was giggling so much I forgot to even get mad at him.

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