April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody!

Happy Birthday Cody!  Sorry your birthday post got lost in the hustle and bustle of Laura getting married.  I am so glad that I could be out in Utah to celebrate your birthday with you.  You are so fun to be around.  You always have the best comebacks and witty remarks.  I love how much you have grown in the last year.  I am so proud of you for going back to school.  You are a great Uncle, I love the way you are with the babies.  You can make them laugh so hard, and you know the special way they like to be put to sleep.  They do love you so much, I know my boys miss their Uncle Cody.  You also are a GREAT brother.  You are always there for your brother and sisters...to talk to,  hang out, or help on whatever computer/music/food/anything problem we are having.  
I loved it so much when you flew home with me to Hawaii....even though it was kinda weird everyone thought we were married LOL!  I had fun hanging out and getting to know you better.  I don't know what I would've done without your help taking care of Clark.
You really are one of the best brothers a girl can have.  I love you so much, and I hope you liked you Happy Birthday breakfast in bed (even though you wouldn't eat it in your bed).  You are always missed.


Emma and Cody said...

Love ya too Cody! Miss you soo much April and fat fat!

Granny and Gramps said...

We love you too Cody. Granny enjoyed your seranading us that evening. It is fun to watch the things your grown Grand children have accomplished. Love to all Granny and Gramps

Laura said...

My brother is so handsome!! Happy Birthday!! love ya!