April 24, 2009

The Boys

I have been home for a couple weeks now, and although I miss my family, I am glad to be back.  It was WAY to long without Clark, way too long!  I was relieved when Clark was so happy to see me, he gave me the biggest hug and did not let go all afternoon.  It is good to be a complete family again, and I can tell the boys think so as well.  The boys had a check-up last Friday, and all is well.  Harry is sure catching up to Clark, faster than anyone can believe.  Harry weighs 29 lbs, and Clark 32 lbs.  Yep, only 3 pounds difference.  They are six inches different in height (don't worry Harry is the shorter one)...but the exact measurements have slipped my mind.
Clark is still doing his speech therapy once a week.  Ms. Julie is so good with him, and really has shown us a lot of ways to help him.  He can say ball, star, apple yes and no.  The biggest difference in his talking, is that he is trying a lot more.  Before I went home we were doing pretty good on only using his pacifier only for naps and bed time.  But it was one big party while I was gone and we have to start all over again, needless to say it is not going well the second time around.  He is such a little monkey, climbing on everything.  His favorite new thing to do is climb the cabinets in the kitchen (and yes, we gate off the kitchen but he climbs right over it) and play in the cabinets sprinkling spices everywhere.  He has discovered Toy Story and Monster Inc. and watches them all the time, dancing around mimicking everything they do.  
Harry can now roll over, both ways.  He also scoots and drags himself across the floor.  I can't believe how fast he can get around now, and any day he will be crawling.  We lose him all the time, and find him under the table, or stuck with his legs under the couch.  He is so giant!  He is wearing most of his brothers clothes now, 18 months (and even then sometimes it is hard to get the shorts over his little bum).  He has the best chuckle, and laughs all the time.  He still hardly ever cries, and is happy just hanging out with everyone.  I have been trying to give him more fruits and veggies, but he still hates eating baby food.  He is just not interested in that soft and gooey stuff, but he will go crazy for a french fry or blueberry waffle.  He is still sleeping through the night, and wakes up cooing and chucking in his bed every morning.
It is so fun watching the boys learn and do things.  I love spending my days with them, and I couldn't ask for a better job...although a pay check would be nice.  I pray everyday I can teach them the things they need to know, and be a good mom for them.  I hope they are as happy, as they make me.

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Harding Family said...

You have the cutest boys ever! Great pictures. Love Laura's pictures and great to see your family even if it is via pictures! They all are so grown up!