April 25, 2009

Flashback Friday

In December we took some family pictures, in the hope of using them for our Christmas cards.  It was so hard to get good pictures, the wind was blowing, it was starting to rain, and Clark was going crazy.  I was not really happy with the lady who took our pictures either, she acted like she did not know what she was doing (and some of her editing techniques looked weird).  She was really nice, just not worth the money we paid her.  Overall it was not a great experience, but here are a few of the pictures I did like.   
This was a cute family picture, but Jason HATED how he had to hold this picture frame.  Ha ha ha, it does look a little dorky.
Poor little Harry was not allowed in this picture...don't I look so voluptuous (GAG).
Cute little Tuna, believe it or not we did comb his hair down that morning.
Me and Clark, forcing him to give me a kiss.
Jason and Harry, even then he was so extra chubby.
She really like Jason and Clark, she took a ton of great pictures of them...I am little jealous.
April and Harry.
Our little family. 

Photos taken by Jaime Jackson


Harding Family said...

I love them! Love the frame one-what a cute idea! Your family is adorable-so much fun uh??!!! Enjoy Hawaii-we want to come next April is that a good time to come? Will you still be there?

Emma and Cody said...

I think my favorite is the one with Jason holding the frame! I think it
is pretty cute! Cody tells me it is over done but I have never seen that before! I love it! The rest are cute but I like that one the most!

Rachael said...

April those pictures are seriously so so so cute! Both Kara and I are looking at them and we just love them. Especially the last one. You did a great job with wardrobe too. You have the cutest little family!

The Quaid's said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Your boys are so adorable and photogenic... you and Jason aren't so bad either!! :)