June 06, 2011

Weekend Get-A-Way

The weekend before Memorial Day we decided to take a quick trip up to DC to see our favorite NorVa friends, and visit a few sites.  Its so nice that we live within driving distance of DC.  As much as I complain about being on the east coast -and SO far from home- we really have the best of two worlds here.  I'm going to try and appreciate it more,
for the precious time we have left, because I know there will be a lot of things I miss.
Bosko Fam
One of the stops we made -and rather unplanned- was to the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial.  I am so glad we did stop, and take a look around.  I was so moved, and touched... it was surprisingly emotional.  We listened to one of the volunteers explain the meaning and significance behind the lay out of the benches, and the grounds.  The thought and heart that the architects put into every little detail is amazing, and a true tribute to the victims of that day.  
Once again, I am so glad we stopped, and I look forward to going back again.
Clark and Taryn
Clark and his little friend Taryn.
In awe of all the rockets.
The next stop we made was to the Space and Air Museum.
Clark was so excited to go inside, once he spotted the planes through the window, he kept telling us to "hurry up and follow me".  Clark is having a hard time smiling in the picture, because he was in total awe of the rockets and planes hanging from the ceiling.  
For sure the best part of his day.
Flying the plane, and singing a song.
Harry flying in the plane.
I was surprised he sat for the 20 seconds it took for me to focus and snap the picture, good job baby.
We couldn't get Clark out of the plane, he wanted to stay and explore all the buttons and levers.
I think he has found a new love.
The Boys
Daddy and the boys.
Once again, I couldn't even get Clark to look at the camera, he was so focused on the rocket.
Bosko Fam
The boys, outside our next stop, the Native Indian Museum.
The kids were pretty tired (and mostly hungry) by then, so we didn't explore things too much,
but they did have lots of fun running around the giant foyer.
I am thankful we have such good friends that are willing to do the "DC thing" with us when we come out, even though it is hot and and somewhat tiring.  I am also more thankful that they put up with my naughty kids, and let us trash their house every time we stay.  
Thanks for the good food, and fun memories.
Washington DC Temple
The next day, before we drove home, we took a trip up to the Washington DC Temple.
I want so much for the kids to have memories of going to the temple, even though they can't go inside yet.  I really hope in our next area we live a lot closer to a temple, 4 hours is way to far away for me.
Daddy and the boys.
Jay and the boys.
The boys, and their attitudes.
I really love this picture with all of my heart, honestly.
If there was any single shot that I could take, that could sum up my days with Clark and Harry, this would be it!  It shows their personalities so much.  Clark with his attitude, bored of having to follow all my dumb directions.  Harry whining at me, for making him sit, and sit next to his brother at that -oh the torture-.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  
There is a happy, sweet Harry.
Me and my boys
Look! We are all looking, and smiling, at the same time!
It is a miracle!  Thank you little babies, for one good picture.
My Family
Our little family of five.
I get to say five now, because I am fat enough now that you can see I am pregnant.
(Speaking of that, here is a little public service announcement; if you can't tell I am pregnant, don't tell me that.  Because either you think I am pregnant, or you just think I am fat.  I don't mind looking pregnant.  I do mind if you tell me I don't look pregnant, because I am chubby and it makes me feel fatter.  Also, its not cool to tell me I waddle.  I know I do.  My back HURTS, all the time, I can't help it.  Just tell me I am beautiful, skinny, and I look exactly 6 months pregnant... and I will be happy.  Thanks.)
Isn't Clark's new fake smile simply hilarious.  
We also made a quick stop in Old Town Alexandria, to visit some old friends, and see their fabulous new apartment.  I had forgotten how much I LOVED Old Town.  I am mad at myself for not taking more pictures, but it was hard to chat and catch up, and keep and eye on Clark, and try to take pictures at the same time.  Next time for sure!
Such a nice, relaxing, and fun filled weekend, and we didn't even hit any traffic on the way home... perfect.  Can't wait to do it again, soon.


Becca said...

Hehehe - that picture in front of the door/wall is so stinking adorable!

Aunt Pam said...

You do look six months pregnant and have a glow about you. Love you!