June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday-Family Pictures

These pictures are from when we went home to visit.  LAST YEAR!  
Can you believe it has taken me this long to get them up online.
July 10, 2010
My whole family!
My whole family.  We are a pretty good lookin' bunch, if I must say so myself.
I long for the days that we can all be together, joking around, hanging out.
 I miss them so much!
((It makes me kinda sad that Harry would rather bite his hand than smile for the camera,
I guess some things never change, LOL.))
The Bosko Family
I think it is funny that the boys look so pissed.
Clark, Harry and Reese
The Grandbabies
Clark, Harry, Reese

Me and Jay
Me and Jay.

See, we really do like eachother sometimes.
See.... we do like each other sometimes ;)

Bosko Fam
Another Bosko family picture.
Funny that Harry looks so mad, again.

My Brothers and Sisters.
My brothers and sisters,
BJ, Laura, Me, Emma and Cody.

I've been kinda sad that we won't make it home this year... and next year is not looking too good either.  Even though we are back on the "mainland" (when do I have to stop talking like I am from Hawaii, LOL) it is still as hard as ever to get home, just as expensive and far.  Maybe soon.  Until then I am always hoping, and waiting for visitors.


Becca said...

Have you heard about Bud and Charley getting married?

I just heard about Bud, from Charley actually, Bud hasn't given me any details at all. According to what I've heard, Bud is getting married in November. But I dunno...

Charley is getting married March 2012... Are you guys going to be near NM around March 2012? Please say yes :P

Becca said...

Also, I've seen these pictures before, but I have to say again - I LOVE THEM!

I don't think the boys look mad, maybe bored or like eh, whatevs, but not mad...