July 06, 2010

Jay's Promotion Ceremony

June 1, 2010

Jason and Capt. Vogh
Jason invited me and the boys to his work to watch his promotion ceremony.  I am so proud of him, and all the hard work he does.  And I am so happy that he seems to have finally found his stride in his career (yes, I said career, we will be CG lifers).  He knows what he wants to do, and he is excited about it.  
Way to go Jay!

(Sorry the pictures are so crappy.  I had to stand in the WAY back, fighting Harry, and trying to take pictures at the same time.)
(Again, bad picture I know, sorry.)
Giving him his first class pins.
On the left is Jason current Chief (well, until we left Hawaii) Dan Perkins.  And on the right is Tom Heimann, Jason's old Chief from when he was stationed on the CG Cutter Sherman.  By some weird chance Tom just happened to be vacationing in Hawaii the week of his promotion, and Jason invited him down.  Tom was/is such a good friend of ours, and Jason loved working for and with him.  I thought it was special that he was able to come participate.
After the various awards and what not, the honorees have a chance to stand up front for everyone to congratulate.  Naturally Clark thought he needed some praise and he took his place at the end of the line next to Jason.  I thought it was sweet that everyone played a long and shook his little hand.  Clark was so good that day, so very good.  I am proud of my little man too.
Tom Heimann, Jason, me and the boys, and Dan Perkins
I am proud of you Jason!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

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Miken Harding said...

Congratulations! Many more to come. It was sure great meeting the famous family! Have a great day! Enjoy that pay raise:)