July 12, 2010

I've Created A Monster

Clark and his (well actually my) Nintendo DS.
Someone needs an intervention.
It all started as a way to keep him still and quiet when we went to church, and out to dinner.
It was so nice to have him happy and occupied, so we could do what we needed to do.
Now, with all the traveling and changes it has turned into another security blanket.
He is so addicted.  He has to play all day, and all night.  
Last night he ignored all his aunties and uncles and his favorite little cousin, to play on the damned thing.
Needless to say, Mommy is putting her foot down.  I am refusing to re-charge it, and I have hidden all other electronic play things/toys... well until we are back on the road again.  And he is going to have to start earning his time to play.
Poor little Clark is going to have a hard day.
I have to admit it is kinda cute to watch him try to play and figure things out. 
His favorite is Mario...and I love to hear him say, in his little pretend Italian accent, "thatsa so niiiiice".

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Miken Harding said...

I hear you on doing what you gotta do to get some peace and quite for dinner and church! Way to put your foot down. Good luck! That's scary they get addicted so young. Tell him Boston asked about him yesterday!